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Code coverage tool for .NET :: dotCover

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Integrate with an Issue Tracker. TeamCity comes with dedicated support for YouTrack, Jira and Bugzilla. For any other tracker, you can turn any issue tracker issue ID

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    JetBrains dotCover is a .NET unit test runner and code coverage tool that integrates with Visual Studio. It is a part of the JetBrains .NET tools family that also
    Continuous Integration and build management server from JetBrains, creators of IntelliJ IDEA and ReSharper. Download your free professional version
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    JetBrains .NET Tools Blog
    ReSharper for productivity, dotTrace for performance, dotCover for test coverage
    Innovative Solution for Continuous Integration & Build Server for Java & .NET Projects
    Hadi Hariri provides an overview of JetBrains dotTrace 4 Performance profiler features, including support for various .NET Framework-based applications
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    dotcover teamcity

    dotcover teamcity

    dotCover :: JetBrains Developer Community
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    Getting Started with JetBrains dotTrace 4.

    Gradle integration (Maven's level.
    Getting Started with JetBrains dotTrace 4. Polka Dot Car Seat Covers .